Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical • J07BX03 • tozinameran+COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (with modified nucleosides)

A Alimentary tract and metabolism

B Blood and blood forming organs

C Cardiovascular system

D Dermatologicals

G Genito urinary system and sex hormones

H Systemic hormonal preparations, excluding sex hormones and insulins

J Antiinfectives for systemic use

J01 Antibacterials for systemic use

J02 Antimycotics for systemic use

J04 Antimycobacterials

J05 Antivirals for systemic use

J06 Immune sera and immunoglobulins

J07 Vaccines

J07A Bacterial vaccines

J07B Viral vaccines

J07BA Encephalitis vaccines

J07BB Influenza vaccines

J07BC Hepatitis vaccines

J07BD Measles vaccines

J07BE Mumps vaccines

J07BF Poliomyelitis vaccines

J07BG Rabies vaccines

J07BH Rotavirus diarrhea vaccines

J07BJ Rubella vaccines

J07BK Varicella zoster vaccines

J07BL Yellow fever vaccines

J07BM Papillomavirus vaccines

J07BX Other viral vaccines

J07BX03 tozinameran + COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (with modified nucleosides)

J07BX03 tozinameran/riltozinameran Covid-19 mRNA vaccine (with modified nucleosides)

J07BX03 COVID-19 vaccine (Ad26.COV2-S [recombinant])

J07BX03 COVID-19 vaccine (ChAdOx1-S [recombinant])

J07BX03 COVID-19 vaccine (recombinant, with adjuvant)

J07BX03 COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (with modified nucleosides)

J07BX04 live, attenuated tetravalent Dengue vaccine

J07BX05 respiratory syncytial virus vaccine

J07C Bacterial and viral vaccines, combined

J07X Other vaccines

L Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents

M Musculo-skeletal system

N Nervous system

P Antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellents

R Respiratory system

S Sensory organs

V Various