Classification by ATC code (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical)

A Alimentary tract and metabolism

B Blood and blood forming organs

C Cardiovascular system

D Dermatologicals

G Genito urinary system and sex hormones

H Systemic hormonal preparations, excl. sex hormones and insulins

J Antiinfectives for systemic use

L Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents

L01 Antineoplastic agents

L01A Alkylating agents

L01B Antimetabolites

L01C Plant alkaloids and other natural products

L01D Cytotoxic antibiotics and related substances

L01E Protein kinase inhibitors

L01X Other antineoplastic agents

L01XA Platinum compounds

L01XB Methylhydrazines

L01XC Monoclonal antibodies

L01XD Sensitizers used in photodynamic/radiation therapy

L01XF Retinoids for cancer treatment

L01XG Proteasome inhibitors

L01XH Histone deacetylase (hdac) inhibitors

L01XJ Hedgehog pathway inhibitors

L01XK Poly (adp-ribose) polymerase (parp) inhibitors

L01XX Other antineoplastic agents

L01XX02 asparaginazum

L01XX05 hydroxycarbamidum

L01XX09 miltefosinum

L01XX11 estramustinum

L01XX14 tretinoinum

L01XX17 topotecamum

L01XX19 irinotecanum

L01XX22 alitretinoinum

L01XX23 mitotanum

L01XX24 pegaspargasum

L01XX25 bexarotenum

L01XX27 arsenicum trioxidum

L01XX32 bortezomibum

L01XX33 celecoxibum

L01XX35 anagrelidum

L01XX41 eribulinum

L01XX42 panobinostatum

L01XX43 vismodegib

L01XX44 afliberceptum

L01XX45 carfilzomibum

L01XX46 olaparibum

L01XX47 idelalisibum

L01XX50 ixazomib

L01XX52 venetoclax

L01XX60 talazoparibum

L01XX63 glasdegib

L01XX65 alpelisib

L01XX71 tisagenlecleucel

L01XY Combinations of antineoplastic agents

L02 Endocrine therapy

L03 Immunostimulants

L04 Immunosuppressants

M Musculo-skeletal system

N Nervous system

P Antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellents

R Respiratory system

S Sensory organs

V Various